Eddy Rezzonico, Lead singer and the voice of Rag Doll, grew up in Newark N.J.,  the home of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Eddy started singing at the young age of twelve, listening to groups like the Four Seasons and the early motown stars.  But the Four Seasons always remained close to Eddy's heart. In Eddy's word's "they were the group in my neighborhood who you tried to emulate."


Eddy has toured with Jay Siegel and the Tokens, of the "lion sleeps tonight" fame for ten years travelling across the country, and also with The Passions who had hits "Just to be with you" and "Gloria", for close to twenty years. Eddy has performed with the Tempations, Four Tops, and Frankie Valli.


Growing up in Newark was a special time for Eddy, street corner singing was a way of life and he was right there listening, singing and learning his craft.  Ragdoll, the the brain child of Eddy, only five years ago has performed to  sold out audiences at Trump Plaza, and Trump marina, not to mention Mohegan sun.Ragdoll, has become by what some people say the top tribute act when it comes to the Four Seasons.since it's inception only five years ago Ragdoll continues to sell out all venues where they perform.